Ammo Shipments

For a decade Express Gun Locker has served the high desert's many different needs relating to the Firearm industry.  As laws change and conditions change we try to change with it and still meet every need of our customers. 

If you choose to have ammo shipped to us please acknowledge the following:

Our Handling fee  = $15.00  

Per day late Pickup:  per each 50 lbs =$5.00

No ammo will be sent back under any condition

We will allow for each shipment to be stored for 3 days (including day it arrived)

After that 3rd day a late pickup fee of $5.00 per 50 lbs will apply.


A copy of Drivers License will be required and MUST match the name on the order.  NO EXCEPTIONS

The shipping company must supply the shipment with customer name and make sure the customer is aware of

our policy.

You must follow the CA background check policy and pay the fee.  If you do not pass the background we DO NOT 

SHIP the ammo back.  

This is your choice to have ammo shipped in.  If you do not pass the background you do not get the ammo.

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